Variable AMPs Controller, Control Box For Distillers 208V-240V 1PH


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Variable AMPs controllers are perfect for distilling tanks, mash tuns, fermentors and various jacketed kettles where using elements as heat source. It can adjust the power of the elements from 0-100% continuously through a potentiometer, you can set power output to be 100% of the element capacity when heating starts and when the temperature reaches the distilling point you can set the power lower, say around 30% to keep the temperature at a proper range for distilling.

If you are looking for a custom controller in 3ph(415v 3ph, 380v 3ph, 220v 3ph etc)or with other functions such as PID please contact us, we can make controllers specifically to your needs.

For wiring instructions please click here

Main Specifications:
SSR size: 80A

The 80A SSR can handle up to 5.5kw 220v 1ph element so it's ok if your element is less than 5.5kw.
Each element wired to a 80A SSR and controlled by a potentiometer with a switch to turn off/on the element, the amperage meter is used to read the total amps of the elements.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Simple, works, easy to install

If you know anything about electrical work, and even if you don't, it's super simple to wire up, and works great. Shipping was no time to the southern US as they use ups worldwide. Really nice folks. Thanks

Gary Jones Sr.
Control Box for Distillers

Control Box arrived no dings or scratches in box. Box guts neatly & professionally wired, very neat job. Very satisfied with price for quality!

Scott Turner
Works great

The only improvement could be to add a cooling fan so the temperature adjustment responds a little quicker.

Doesn't work...

Both outputs on the box had no adjustment. When turned on, it was full power regardless of setting. After troubleshooting it was determined that the 10k pots were the culprit. The ssvr requires 470k ohm pots to operate across it's full range. I have an eaton m22-r470k on the way.

Marcus Radny
Variable AMP contoller - dual element

Answered all questions I had in a timely manner, and shipped quickly. CN to AUS was about 9 days, and over the xmas period, too.

Actual box arrived and was fairly scratched up, not looking the best.

wired it in myself and got it going first shot. Its a well priced bit of equipment and is doing the job nicely.

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