2" 4 Plates Glass Reflux Column


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The 2" 4-Plate Reflux Column is an ideal choice for both home moonshine distilling and receipt creation. With the plates in place, it can be used to produce high-proof vodka. While without plates, it functions as a pot still optimized for producing whiskey, gin, brandy and other spirits. The column fits boilers ranging in size from 5 to 13 gallons.



Complete with dephlegmator, shotgun condenser and proofing parrot.
Made of t2 lead free 99.9% pure copper and stainless steel 304 
Ideal for high proof alcohol such as vodka.



1* 2 inch 4 plates glass reflux column section
1* 2 inch stainless steel dephlegmator(200mm long)
1* 2 inch short spool with thermometer
2* 2 inch 90deg elbows
1* 2 inch shotgun condenser(450mm long)
1* proofing parrot with valve
With necessary tri clamps(includes the clamp to attach the column to the boiler) and silicone gaskets
1* water tubes&fittings set


Note: this listing is for the column only, the boiler is not included. If need the boiler please contact us.

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Melvin Cole

Just got it yesterday looks to be really well built. Hopefully try it out soon.

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