100Ga/200Ga/300Ga Multifunctional Copper Distillation Whiskey Gin Vodka Distillery


Shipping not included, please contact us for details about shipping options and quote, we ship worldwide.

Agitator/stirrer(if there's one) of the still can be IECEx, UL, CE, CSA etc approved and with corresponding certifications

Our advantages and reasons of choosing us
All the configurations of the still can be made according to your requirements.  
We have a stable manufacturing team with experienced welders, polishers and engineers.
The products are absolutely manufacturered to meet the highest quality standards in the market.
All the products will be pressure/leak tested before shipping.
The stainless steel and copper are all from big name manufacturers and we can provide certificates for it. 
Competitive prices due to high production capabilities.

Still Mainly Includes
A: Stainless steel/copper jacketed boiler(domed bottom with domed top or flat bottom with domed top)
B: Copper helmet 
C: Floor mounted reflux column with dephlegmator
D: Floor mounted condenser with proofing parrot

Standard accessories:
Valves for the inner and jacket layer of the boiler
Pressure relieve valve(RPV) for the inner and jacket layer of the boiler
Manway(Optional, flange/glass manway)
CIP spray ball
Electric control box(Temperature or Amps control)

Prices for common configurations(with standard accessories):
100 gallon stainless steel jacketed boiler with 8 inch copper cone, 1* 8 inch 4 stages ss reflux column, 8 inch condenser USD 6080
200 gallon stainless steel jacketed boiler with 10 inch copper cone, 1* 10 inch 4 stages ss reflux column, 10 inch condenser USD 7200
300 gallon stainless steel jacketed boiler with 12 inch copper cone, 1* 12 inch 4 stages ss reflux column, 12 inch condenser USD 9250

How to determine the price of a Multifunctional still(for custom project):
1. The volume of the boiler(We can make from 13 gallon to 1000 gallon or even bigger)
2. The heating method of the boiler(can be electric, gas and steam)
3. The material of the still(Can be copper or stainless)
4. The size of copper helmet
5. The qty of the reflux columns&the number of the stages
6. The size&length of the condenser
7. Extra items, if any


Note: The prices of the stills are EXW prices, the shipping costs are not included, we can arrange sea shipping worldwide, contact us now for a detailed quote with shipping options.

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