8 inch Tri Clamp Concentric Reducer - Various Sizes


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For applications with limited headroom and a big reduction needed, the bowl reducer is the ideal solution! Made with mirror-polished surfaces inside and out for superior sanitary performance, and available in multiple sizes, this reducer is perfect for distilling, brewing and extraction. 


Material: SUS 304

Height: Approx 120mm


How to determine which of the adapters that fit your projects.

The tri clamp ferrule is determined by the outside diameter of the weld ferrule, but you usually would not want to measure the od of the weld ferrule when the ferrule is already welded in your tank, and if you go by the outside diameter of the flange and you will find the adapter you ordered is approx 0.5 inch larger than it's supposed to be(for expample a 2 inch tri clamp ferrule has a OD of 2.5 inch flange). You can refer to the below chart, measure the outside ferrule, then find the corresponding tri clamp size of your ferrule is.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Peter F
Very nice quality reducer.

No visible welds. Polished up really smooth. This is a quality piece. You can't go wrong.

Kevin Stonefield
Bang for Buck

Excellent quality for the price

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