The glass reflux columns that we sell come with glass gaskets and it's custom designed for the glass reflux columns(2" , 3" , 4" , 6" and 8" columns at the moment,can make bigger upon request). The glass gasket goes in between the glasses and it has a groove in the inner edge, you can put the bubble plate in the groove and it will hold the bubble plate in place. We use flat gaskets for the flanges(bottom and the top of the glass column). 

 Here we take 3 inch glass column section as example to show you how to assembly the column.

 Glass gaskets, with groove design in the inner edge that's used to hold the copper bubble plate


Items you will need before assembling
4 pcs glasses
2 pcs stainless steel flanges
4 pcs copper bubble plates with caps and downcomers
3 pcs glass gaskets
3 pcs flat gaskets
4 pcs stainless steel rods with nuts




Step 1.
Put the flat gasket on the flange, put the bubble plate on it then put another gasket on top of it. You will need to use 2pcs flat gaskets in this step.



Step 2.
Put the bubble plate in the glass gasket, put the gasket on the glass


Step 3.
Put the glass with bubble plate on the flange, repeat this step until we use all the glasses, put the flat gasket on the final glass, put the flange on top of it


Step 5.
Assembly the rods and tighten the nuts