200 Gallons / 800L Commercial Alcohol Distillery Equipment Gin Vodka


Shipping not included, please contact us for details about shipping options and quote, we ship worldwide.

Agitator/stirrer(if there's one) of the still can be IECEx, UL, CE, CSA etc approved and with corresponding certifications

This commercial alcohol distillery is equipped with bypass pipework, allowing you to choose which columns you use or bypass when crafting different spirits like vodka, gin, whiskey, brandy, grappa, and rum. The reflux sections feature a CIP ball and drain valve for precise distillation control - all constructed from heavy gauge stainless steel and copper from certificated manufacturers. Experience perfect distillation fitting for micro and commercial purposes.



200 gallons stainless steel jacket boiler(with 1.1kw agitator, glass manway, PRV for jacket and inner tank, thermometer, level meter, heating elements)

8 inch copper whiskey helmet(400mm at the widest points)

2* 8 inch 8 plates stainless steel reflux column with copper bubble plate(eash section has a drain valve and CIP ball)

1* 8 inch stainless gin basket

1* 8 inch stainless condenser with parrot

1* CIP pipework and a sanitary pump

Electric controller(custom made according to the customers voltage)



Heating method can also be customized if you use steam or gas burners.

Lead time: 60-80 days

Estimated shipping volume: 6.5CBM, 800kgs

Note: The shipping cost is not included in the price, please contact us to get a shipping quote before ordering, we ship worldwide by sea and can arrange to door service to some countries(Australia, North America and some European counties)


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