Reflux Column & Still Assembling Guide

About connection type. 

The reflux column and still uses Tri-Clamp/Tri-Clover connection for the most parts, making the still Super easy to assemble&disassemble. Simply putting a gasket in between the two matching tri clamp ferrules, clamp them with a tri clamp then you will get a sealed connection.


1. Items to prepare

Parts list of a standard 4 inch 4 plates SS flute column

4* 4 inch sight glass tee
4* 4 inch copper bubble plates with caps and downcomers
1* 4 inch dephlegmator
1* 4 inch to 2 inch tri clamp reducer with thermometer
2* 2 inch 90deg tri clamp elbows
1* 2 inch shotgun condenser
1* 2 inch to 1.5 inch surge breaker(in some parrot the surge breaker is welded together with the parrot)
1* 1.5 inch parrot
1* 1.5 inch sampling valve
6* 4 inch tri clamp/ 4* 2 inch tri clamp/ 2* 1.5 inch tri clamp
Silicone gaskets for the tri clamps


1. Assemble the copper bubble plates

Each copper bubble plate comes with 5 caps and one downcomer


2. Put the bubble plate&gasket on the sight glass tee, stack another tee on it , clamp the tees and repeat the step.

In the reflux section the bubble plate needs to sit on the sight glass tee to as to not interfere the tri clamp connection, we have 4 inch custom tri clamp gasket without the inner lip, use these gaskets at the reflux sections and the ordinary gaskets at the rest part of the column.


3. Thead the thermometer to the reducer, joint the rest parts of the column

Wrap some teflon tape to the thermometer thread will help make a good seal.


6. All-Set


How to connect the water lines

Prepare a submersible pump(a small one around 50watt would work), a kettle and some water with ice to create a cooling water circulation, you can also use a chiller if it's available.