13 Gallons Double Jacketed Distilling Boiler


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This powerful 13 Gallons Double Jacketed Distilling Boiler has all the features of a commercial boiler - thermometer, level sight glass, elements and drain valve - in a compact form. The elements heat the heating fluid then transfer the heat uniformly to the wash. Open the lid and you'll have full access to the inner tank, making it an ideal choice for home distilling and micro distilleries. An unbeatable combination of convenience and capability!

The jacket layer of the boiler can't handle pressure, it's recommended to use glycol or vegetable oil to run the boiler with jacket opening to atmosphere and control the oil temp no more than 150℃ to avoid scorching, 


Accessories list:

2* Elements

1* thermometer

1* 2 inch butterfly valve

1* level sight glass

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Customer Reviews

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Nice product

Well built boiler. One handle slightly bent from shipping, but does not affect operability. Hope to try it out soon.

Great value!!

There were some slight deviations from the advertised specs, but honestly the boiler design was better than I imagined. It is also just under 20 gallons to the top glange, so 15 usable gallons with plenty of head space. For the price this thing can't he beat.

Yan P.

I am very pleased with this boiler. This equipment gave me the opportunity to fully realize the entire range of needs. The double jacket removed the problem of mash overheating, which improved the quality of the distillate. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Oleg Cheng

This powerful 13 Gallons Double Jacketed Distilling Boiler
I want more information about this product. I have a 110 volt electrical supply, is it possible to make the unit with a 110 volt power supply?

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