Carbonation Stone Stainless Steel 316 Tri Clamp 1.5" Tri Clamp*1/4" FNPT


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The Carbonation Stone Stainless Steel 316 Tri Clamp is a versatile addition to any brite beer fermentation tank. Designed to be mounted through a Tri Clamp fitting, each stone is made of sintered stainless steel SS316 and acts as a submersible porous body for diffusing CO2 gas into the brewing liquid. To achieve an ideal system, the stone should be mounted at the lowest point of the brite tank, providing the longest distance for CO2 to travel to the head. In some cases, brewers opt for a carbonating stone inside a conical fermenter (or Uni Tank) instead of a brite tank.

Wort Aeration / Oxygenation

Use carbonation stones to efficiently aerate wort and maintain optimal yeast health. This can be achieved by aerating the oxygen-deprived wort immediately after the knock down process, usually inline after exiting the chiller. This promotes efficient yeast reproduction and fosters a strong cell wall, increasing the yeast's tolerance to higher alcohol levels. As a result, multiple generations of yeast can be used and fermentation time can be significantly reduced for faster batch turnover.

Carbonation Stone Size Guidelines

Shorter stones require more time. It is recommended to use long necks for jacketed tanks, so that the porous section fully protrudes into the main liquid body. However, this is not mandatory.

  • 4 in. carb stone (1 BBL or less)
  • 6 in. carb stone (2 - 6 BBL)
  • 8 in. carb stone (7 - 29 BBL)
  • 12 in. carb stone (30 BBL+)

All Tri Clamp carbonation stones have the following features:

  • 1½ inch Tri Clamp(OD 50.5mm) fitting on connecting ferrule
  • ¼ inch FNPT gas connection
  • sintered stainless steel diffusing stone
  • 2 micron porosity
  • Stainless steel 316 body

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