600Lt 156 Gallon Stainless Jacketed Distillation Still Boiler with Agitator


Shipping not included, please contact us for details about shipping options and quote, we ship worldwide.

Agitator/stirrer(if there's one) of the still can be IECEx, UL, CE, CSA etc approved and with corresponding certifications

This distilling tank is electric heated but it can also be made for steam or gas heated, the boiler is jacketed and the wash is heated by the heating medium in the jacket layer, it is suitable for distilling alcohol and spirits as well as being used as a mash tun.



Material: SS 304

Thickness: 3mm inner layer and outer 2mm

Working volume(useful volume):600L

Diameter of opening:8 inch(customizeable)

Heating method: Electric, 4*5.5kw(Can be steam or gas upon request)



350mm SS Manway

Heating elements

2 inch drain with valve


PRV kit for the jacket

Level sight glass




This listing does not include shipping due to the shipping volume of the boiler being a bit big, the sea shipping with to door service may still be available but may vary by the delivery address, please send us a message for detail about shipping options


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