3" Copper Moonshine Still Reflux Column


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Create top-notch spirits at home with this 3" Copper Moonshine Still Reflux Column! Perfect for small batch distilleries as well as home distillers, this column will help you make whiskey, vodka, brandy, moonshine and more. Enjoy the efficiency and flavor of homemade essentials!


4* 3 inch copper reflux sections with copper bubble plate

1* 3 inch copper dephlegmator

1* 3 inch to 2 inch copper reducer with thermometer

2* 2 inch copper elbows

1* 2 inch condenser(450mm L)

1* copper parrot

1* Water lines and push in fittings kit


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Customer Reviews

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Yan P.

I am very pleased with this column. This equipment gave me the opportunity to fully realize the entire range of needs. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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