200Lt / 52 Gallon Stainless Steel Non Jacket Distiller Boiler / Still Boiler


Free Shipping by sea with to door service(DDP term, import charges and duties included, typically 40-50 days to the US, Canada, Australia)

Agitator/stirrer(if there's one) of the still can be IECEx, UL, CE, CSA etc approved and with corresponding certifications

This stainless steel non-jacketed distiller boiler has a working volume of 200lt and is ideal for those who frequently distill larger batches of wash. The heating elements are designed for direct contact with wash and are of low watt density, making them suitable for handling wash with solids. The 200lt size is perfect for home and micro distillery craft distilling, and the boiler can also be used for cooking and fermenting.



Diameter: 650mm
Height: Approx 870mm(from the bottom to the column port)
Material: Stainless Steel 304
Thickness: 1.5mm
Heating methods: Electric, Flame



Top of the boiler
1) 1* 2 inch tri clamp port(end cap and clamp provided)
2)1* 1/2 inch Female NPT port(a thermometer provided)
3)1* 3 inch viewing sight glass
4)1* 200mm center opening with a clamped lid(4 inch tri clamp port for the column)
5)200mm stainless steel manway/hatch 

Bottom/side of the boiler
1) 2* 2 inch tri clamp port(for heating elements, 2*3kw or 2*5.5kw elements provided)
2) 1* 1 inch tri clamp port(drain port, a 1 inch tri clamp valve provided)

Terms and conditions:

Shipping :Free air shipping to the US(around 20 days) and free sea shipping with to door service to Canada and Australia and some European countries and the UK, delivery time is around 35-45 days

Customizations are available and we usually can finish a customized boiler in 15-30 days, contact us for a quote on customized still. 

Customer Reviews

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200ltr boiler

Just look at this little beauty, the workmanship is amazing. Shipping of the boiler took a little over a month and arrived at my front door undamaged.

Alexander Pomansky

Good guys to deal with

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