Stainless Distilling Parrot / Proofing Parrot for Alcohol Distillers


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The Stainless Distilling Parrot/Proofing Parrot for Alcohol Distillers provides accurate real-time alcohol percentage readings throughout the entire distillation process. The parrot's alcohol meter floats in a chamber that captures the alcohol from the still's condenser, and the meter's reading is easily visible. With this device, you can avoid constantly swapping jars and filling testing jars to check the alcohol percentage. Get quick and reliable alcohol readings with the Stainless Distilling Parrot. This listing does not include the alcohol meter.



Material: SUS304

Length of the floating chamber: Approx 12 inch

The length of the parrot is extended and is compatible with US alcohol meters.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Full fledged Pirate now that I have my Parrot

OakStills is the place to go for fair priced shipping and wholesale prices on parts. One suggestion would be a silicone O - Ring for the base threads. Welds are nice, polished. I have been winging it without a Parrot and what a luxury to have now. Get one! I like the Shipping value if you add a few small parts, it is weight not Profit the shipping goes up.

Ron yoho

Very nice clean welds and. Definitely worth it.

Eric Marney
Just received it

Amazing how quickly items are able to get across the world! I haven't had a chance to use it yet, very much looking forward to running a batch through it

Jeff Faulkner

Stainless Distilling Parrot / Proofing Parrot for Alcohol Distillers

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