8 inch 4 Sections Copper Reflux Still Column / Flute Column


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This 8 inch column is versatile, suitable for boilers ranging from 100lt to 1000lt. It's ideal for high proof alcohol, vodka, gin, whiskey and moonshine etc, and can easily be converted to a pot still by removing the bubble plates. You can also add a gin basket to create a gin still, thanks to its modular design. For those looking for even better performance, additional reflux sections and a whiskey upgrade may be added.
Made of t2 lead free 99.9% pure copper and stainless steel 304 from big name manufacturers
Welded(tig welding) and polished by qualified workers to the Highest Standards
Ideal for making moonshine, whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy, grappa etc. 
Modular design so you can run the still as few or as many sections according to the distillation needs.
Overall height: Approx 1.21meters
4*8" copper sight glass tees
4*8" copper bubble plates
1*stainless 8" dephlegmator 200mm L (The Inlet and outlet for cooling water: 1/2" Female NPT)
1*stainless 8" to 3" reducer with dial thermometer
2*stainless 3" 90deg bend
1*stainless 3" shotgun condenser(500mm L)
1*stainless steel parrot with sampling valve
With all the necessary heavy duty tri clamps(including clamp to the boiler) and extra gaskets
We will provide Free 1*red and bule water lines with push in fittings as gift for your purchase.
Oak Stills 

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Bongani Ndlela

8 inch 4 Sections Copper Reflux Still Column / Flute Column

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