6" Copper Moonshine Reflux Still Tower with Gin Basket


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Made of t2 lead free 99.9% pure copper and stainless steel 304 from big name manufacturers
Ideal for making whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy, grappa etc. 
Can produce up to 96abv alcohol.
Modular design so you can run the still as few or as many sections according to the distillation needs.
1. 6" copper tee -4pcs 
2. 6" copper bubble plate - 4pcs
3. 6" copper dephlegmator-1pcs
4. SS 304 reducer 6" to 2" with dial thermometer- 1pcs 
5. SS 304 elbow 90 degree -2pcs 
6. 2" copper condencer 450mm - 1pcs 
7. 6" tri-clamp - 6pcs
8. 2" tri-clamp - 3pcs 
9. 1.5" tri-clamp -3pcs 
10. parrot kit - 1pcs
11. water colling kit -1pcs
12. Gin Basket 4" kit - 1pcs
With all the necessary silicone gaskets,will include some more for spare.
Note: We also sell complete reflux stills that comes with boiler, controller, gin basket, agitator etc, if you are looking to purchase a fine quality reflux still with low costs, look no further! Just send us a message and we will make it happen.
Oak Stills
Customize your stills.
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