6" 8" Copper Helmet, Copper Onion Head for Whiskey


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The copper helmets are a perfect addition to all type of alcohol distillers, it's perfect for pot stills used to distill whiskey, rum, brandy, and more. Not only do they provide extra copper to enhance the flavor of the alcohol, but also add an impressive visual touch to your still.


Material: T2 lead free copper
Thickness: 2mm
Largest diameter: 350mm


The price of the helmet depends on the largest diameter, the 6 inch and 8 inch helmet both have a 350mm diameter so we sell them at a same price. We can also make custom helmet if you want larger or smaller volume.


We use standard tri clamp ferrules for the helmets, the 6 inch tri clamp ferrule has a 167mm OD flange and 8 inch tri clamp ferrule has a 217.7mm OD flange. 

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We provide one year warranty for all of the items sold in this site excluding gaskets&seals. Warranty period starts on the date of delivery and we will also cover postage for replacements.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Pyke
Pitting in welds, huge dent on face, terrible quality

For the price I was very surprised and saddened by what I was hoping would complete my setup. Due to the pitting in the weld joints I'm not sure if it's even safe to use. I purchased the 6" Copper Helmet, Copper Onion Head, and although it arrived quickly the damage was clearly done during the making of the head, not during shipping. A huge dent easily 4 inches long and 1/4" deep was the first issue I noticed. Then I saw fairly large gaps and pitting from the weld both inside and outside the head. The temperature gauge screws into the front and does not go in flush and does not come with a washer which practically guarantee's a pressure leak. This is terrible quality and whoever made it clearly did not care about what they were doing.

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