4" Copper Dephlegmator (200mm L)


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Today, many distillers take advantage of dephlegmators (also known as “reflux condensers”) which sit at the top of a column and provide additional reflux. Reflux is when vapor is condensed and sent back to the wash or the plates to increase reflux power. The more a vapor is cycled through the column and condensed before making its final journey, the higher the refinement of the product. A dephlegmator is filled with tiny, plumbed tubes; when the attachment is turned on, these tubes fill with cold water, condensing the alcohol vapor which beads and drops back into the column. Distillers often equip columns with plates which vapor can pass through from underneath and trap it from above, generating more reflux. Too much reflux and the product will have a high proof and very little flavor.



Made of t2 lead free 99.9% pure copper and stainless steel 304
Mirror polished inside and outside
Height: 200mm
Inlet and outlet for cooling water: 1/2" Female NPT
10PCS 11mm(inner diameter) pipes
1*4" copper dephlegmator
2*threaded push in fitting, for 12mm(OD) water line.
Oak Stills

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