300 gallon / 1200L Copper Still Craft Micro Distillery Equipment


Shipping not included, please contact us for details about shipping options and quote, we ship worldwide.

Agitator/stirrer(if there's one) of the still can be IECEx, UL, CE, CSA etc approved and with corresponding certifications

The pictured still features a 300 gallon(operation volume) electric heated stainless steel boiler with copper dome, a 12" copper whiskey helmet, a 12 inch 12 plate copper reflux column which can give you 12 gallons of 190 proof per hour in just one run, plus a 12" stainless steel gin basket and a 12" stainless steel condenser. The bypass valves will allow you to run the still in different modes for different distilling purpose, for example you can bypass the reflux column and gin basket and only use the whsikey helmet and condenser for making low proof alcohol such as Rum. 


Perfect for making Whiskey, Bourbon, Moonshine, Brandy, Rum, Gin and Vodka.

Exceptional quality equipment at unbeatable prices!

Any size available.

Customization available.

Ship to worldwide.

No worries about height restrictions - we can customize the still to suit your building. We'll make it to whatever size you need - boilers, columns, condensers - whatever. Copper or stainless steel, no problem.



Still Accessories Include:

Explosion proof Agitator

Glass manway


Level meter



Electric controller



Lead time: 60-70 days

Warranty: 1 Year

Payment: 30% deposit, 70% when the still is ready for shipping


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