26 Gallon / 100L Copper Reflux Still with 4" Copper Flute Column


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The 26 Gallon / 100L Copper Reflux Still with 4" Copper Flute Column is perfect for anyone passionate about micro distilling and home distilling. This modular reflux still can also function as a pot still, allowing you to create a variety of spirits such as moonshine, whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy, and grappa. Its versatile design allows for additional equipment such as a gin basket, copper helmet, and extra sections, making it a must-have for any distiller looking to expand their repertoire. Plus, it can produce up to 95abv alcohol, making it a truly exceptional choice for your distilling needs.


1) For the column:
4* 4" Copper sight glass tee with copper bubble plate
1* Copper 4" dephlegmator
1* Copper 4" to 2" reducer with dial thermometer
2* Copper 2" 90 deg elbow
1* Copper 2" shotgun condenser
1* Copper parrot with sampling valve
With all the needed tri clamps, gaskets

2) For the boiler:
1*100Lt(26 gallons) stainless steel boiler
2*3Kw ulwd(ultra low watt density) heating elements
1* dial thermometer
1* 1" triclamp ball valve(drain)
1* 2" triclamp filling port with end cap

3)Red and blue water lines and push in fittings kit

4) Variable AMPs controller(220V, 1 PH) Note: 110v 1ph is also available, send us a message if needed.



Items not included but can be added separately:

  • 4 inch copper whiskey helmet USD 280
  • 4 inch SS gin basket USD 180

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