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200Lt 52 Gallon Alcohol Distillation Still Jacket Pot Belly Boiler


Free Shipping by sea with to door service(DDP term, import charges and duties included, typically 40-50 days to the US, Canada, Australia)

Agitator/stirrer(if there's one) of the still can be IECEx, UL, CE, CSA etc approved and with corresponding certifications

This 200lt jacket boiler is ideal for crafting micro-distillery spirits, small batch distillation, and recipe development. Uniform heat is provided, with heat elements heat the medium(typically is oil); the medium then transfers heat to the wash - so scorching is never an issue, even with lots of grains&fruits in the mix. Perfect for distilling vodka, gin, brandy, whiskey and more!



Material: SUS 304
Working volume(useful volume):200L
Diameter of opening:8 inch(customizeable)
Heating method: Electric, 2*5.5kw(Can be steam or gas upon request)



250mm Glass Manway
Heating elements
2 inch drain with valve
PRV kit for the jacket
Level sight glass



Price includes free sea shipping to the US, Canada and Au, it will be shipped by sea and our agent will clear customs and arrange trucking dirctly at your doorstep, the import charges and duties are prepaid so there's no any extra costs on your side. Typical delivery time is 35-45 days.


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