2" 3" 4" 6" 8" Stainless Steel Dephlegmator(200mm L)


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Material: Stainless Steel 304
Mirror polished inside and outside
Height: 200mm
Inlet and outlet for cooling water: 1/2" Female NPT

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John Edwards
Stainless Steel Dephlegmator

Well made, fast shipping

Something you need

The Unit was a bit dinged up in One of the 4 Holes that the product runs through I'll live, it will be fine. One suggestion for this part would be finned, thinner walled or something to help with the wick off of heat. It relies on fresh water pumped through, however if running slow for a better recycle to pull high pure, One must cool back from gas to solid. The only way is to cool it atop of a column that is quite Hot and there must be a better way to help dissipate the heat. The Unit is made with thick S.S. which retains heat the thicker it is. You are going to want 2 if you are going to run for a High Pure Product. One atop of the Column to knock it back down for "another run" during the same Run and a second to convert from gas to product at the end of the run. So get two if you are building and it does not come with any of the thread in parts One needs to hook up the Tubing needed to run cool water through the Jacket. I would recommend adding those brass fittings as standard and mark up the couple bucks it costs to buy them from O.S. Good company do not be afraid to order. Also the difference in 2" and say 3" is the Volume that can run. A 2" takes about 6hrs to run 6gal of 18-20% No strip, just Run for 75% FWIW. So a 3" would cut time off of that due to Volume allowed to Run.

Albert Pollmeier
Did not receive the item

Did not receive the item, no response from customer service despite multiple attempts to contact them over email, chat, and phone.

John Richardson

Have not received the item yet. I am sure the item will be of top quality.

Per Arne Riksheim

2" 3" 4" 6" 8" Stainless Steel Dephlegmator(200mm L)

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