Tri Clamp Sight Glass(Union)


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If your pot/boiler has tri clamp ferrules on the dome, this tri clamp sight glass is the ideal solution for adding a viewing glass to inspect the contents. It can also function as a blocking plate for the ferrule while still allowing for a see-through port.

Made of heavy gauge SUS 304
Ferrule Size: Tri Clamp
Glass material: Borosilicate
Rated Pressure: 0.6 MPa

Customer Reviews

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Ralph Brune
Awesome Products … Awesome Service

Oakstills has become one of my preferred go to providers for quality parts at great prices!

Chris DeBoard
Great price, great product

Love the sight glass I received and will order more

Robert Harvey

Excellent quality. Will be buying more pipe fittings soon

John Archibeque

Great quality

Troy, H.
Quality products

I’m a welder and fabricator by trade and Was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the products I ordered! Reasonably quick on the delivery in terms of where it’s coming from ! I will be ordering more as soon as this review is done!

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