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Shipping Information



Q/ How do we ship your order.
A/ We provide free courier shipping via (Fedex, UPS etc) for all the items in our website. 


Q/ What shipping method do we use for large equipment.
A/ We would recommend using  Sea Shipping for Still/Boiler that are larger than 300L, 


Q/ Where can we ship to.
A/ We can ship items to North America, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Europe and many other counties.


Q/ What are the lead times.
A/ We can normally ship stock item orders within 7 work days, please allow a couple of days delay during busy periods. For custom order it may take up to 30 days for production, we will let you know during the ordering process.


Q/ How do we deal with Customs.
A/ We understand that in some counties/areas it is illegal to own a certain size of still  without a license. We have been shipping stills successfully to customers all over the world and we have experience in how to deal with Customs. With years of experience we will make sure you will have no trouble shipping when working with Oakstills.
We also understand it is illegal to own a still for making alcohol in most countries. It is not illegal to own a still for Distilling Water, Essential Oils and Biofuels.
On 30th June 2007 the UK government made it legal for people to produce up to 2500 litres without the need to pay duty or to hold a permit.