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Home    Sea shipping DDP    26 Gallon 100L Pot Belly Jacket 4 inch 4 SS Copper Flute Still

26 Gallon 100L Pot Belly Jacket 4 inch 4 SS Copper Flute Still

$ 2650.00
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One Year Warranty - Lifetime After-Sale Service



    Shipping term: Free sea shipping with to door service to the US, Australia, Canada(Approx 40-50 days, DDP term, import charges and duties included). 
    Lead time: 10 work days
    Shipping time: 30-45 days to door since departure of ship
    Warranty: 1 Year(since the date of delivery) including electric components
    Material: Food grade SUS 304 and T2 lead free copper, can provide certificates


    100lt jacket 4 inch SS reflux still to include
    1* 100lt stainless steel pot belly jacket boiler(with a glass manway, heating elements 2*3kw, thermometer, PRV for the jacket, drain valve)
    1* 4 inch 4 plates SS column(complete with copper bubble plates, SS dephlegmator, condenser and parrot)
    1* Electric controller(variable AMPs, 220v 1ph) 
    1* Water lines and push in fittings


    Additional equipments:
    4 inch copper whiskey helmet USD 240
    4 inch SS gin basket USD 180
    4 inch extra copper reflux section(with copper bubble plate,clamp and gasket)USD 150
    0.25kw agitator(0-100 RPM variable speed)USD 260


    Note: For those who from other countries, we can provide a shipping quote to the nearest port(CIF term), the price of the still will be lower if the to door shipping service is not needed. We can also make custom stills(bigger volume or other types etc), feel free to contact us if interested. 



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