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4" Stainless Steel Moonshine Reflux Still Column with Gin Basket

$ 918.80
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One Year Warranty - Lifetime After-Sale Service


    Made of t2 lead free 99.9% copper and stainless steel 304 from big name manufacturers
    Ideal for making whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy, grappa etc. 
    Can produce up to 96abv alcohol.
    Modular design so you can run the still as few or as many sections according to the distillation needs.
    Can run in pot still mode when the copper bubble plates are removed.
    The total height of the column is around 1.25 meters.
    4*4" stainless sight glass tees
    4*4" copper bubble plates
    1* 4" stainless dephlegmator(200mm L)
    1* 4" to 2" stainless reducer with dial thermometer
    2* 2" stainless90deg bend
    1*4" stainless gin basket(300mm L)
    1* 2" stainless shotgun condenser(450mm L)
    1* stainless surge breaker
    1* stainless parrot with sampling valve
    With all the needed tri clamps, silicone gaskets
    We will provide a complete set of water lines and push in fittings for free as a gift.




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