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4" Copper Reflux Column Section

$ 126.00
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One Year Warranty - Lifetime After-Sale Service

  • Tri Clamp tee with union sight glass, for moonshine reflux still.


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    4"stainless sight glass tees USD 76

    3"copper sight glass tees USD 95

    4"copper sight glass tees USD 126


    Material: SUS 304, T2 Lead Free Copper
    Height: the 4 inch stainless/copper section is 150mm, the 3 inch stainless section is 150mm, 
    and the 3inch copper section is 120mm.
    OD of the 4" column section is 119mm, OD of the 3" column section is 91mm
    Each column section will come with 1* heavy duty tri clamp and 1* silicone gasket.
    Our Service:
    Free courier shipping to your address, the item normally can be delivered in 7 work days no matter where you are.
    We sell matching copper bubble plates as well.
    Oak Stills
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