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Home    Boilers    200Lt 50 Gallon Non Jacket Copper Distillation Boiler

200Lt 50 Gallon Non Jacket Copper Distillation Boiler

Made to order, can be customized
$ 3050.00
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One Year Warranty - Lifetime After-Sale Service

  • Please contact us before placing an order. At present, this boiler is too large to be transported by air. If you accept sea shipping, please contact us for details.


    Main configurations:

    1*8 inch tri clamp column port

    1*200mm glass manway

    Made of T2 lead free copper


    It's a custom boiler, we can make different sizes range from 50lt to 2000lt or even bigger. The fittings and configurations can be made according to your distilling needs. Feel free to contact us if interested.


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