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Home    Distillation Equipments    2" Tri Clamp Agitator 0.25kw 110v / 220v 1PH

2" Tri Clamp Agitator 0.25kw 110v / 220v 1PH

$ 398.00
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One Year Warranty - Lifetime After-Sale Service


    Power: 250w

    Mixing speed: 1-100 rpm adjustable(For long time operation please set the speed higher than 50RPM, the agitator will get hot when running slow)
    Connection: 2 inch triclamp(Ferrule OD 64mm)

    Reted Pressure: -0.05 - 0.1 MPa

    Length of the shaft(from the ferrule to the end of the shaft): Approx 445mm / 17.5 inches








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